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Fawzi Abu Hashish, the Executive Director of Resource and Management International Network (RAMI Network), has decades of experience in the field of disabilities, social welfare, fundraising, management and international relations.
Mr. Abu Hashish has spent the last 3 years as the Regional Director for the Middle East of the Global Consulting Department at YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities (NY)  before launching his own consulting network. He develops new business in the Middle East and around the globe by analyzing opportunities, studying regulatory matters and developing business plans. He helps agencies to manage all of the Network's government / legislative affairs in the Middle East and around the globe at the city, country and regional level. He coordinates and organizes international conferences and trainings, assists in establishing new programs and services, selects trainers and develops training curricula in countries around the world.
Mr. Abu Hashish is also a private development consultant for Human First, an agency which specializing in serving people with disabilities in the State of New York.
Throughout the years, Mr. Abu Hashish worked as a Director of Quality Assurance, Corporate Compliance Officer and Head of Incident Reporting Committee for agencies serving people with disabilities in NY. He also ran a residence, a respite and a summer camp for children and adults with developmental disabilities at various times.
While living in Amman, Jordan, Mr. Abu Hashish built a Multiservice Center for local citizens with disabilities with the funds he personally received from the Department of State in Washington, DC. He also served as a Disability Program Officer at the United Nations, Jordan.
Please check out Expertise and Impact section to see the projects RAMI Network and Mr. Abu Hashish have completed, and the ones he is working on now...