Welcome to Rami Network

How We can help you

Throughout 20 plus years in the nonprofit field, Mr. Abu Hashish has initiated, ran and completed various projects internationally and in the United States. He consults executives of nonprofits, the Department of State and foreign governments on starting, running and funding projects overseas.
If you need assistance with:

  • Services assessment
  • Program Development
  • New Services Start-up
  • Quality of Services Improvement
  • Head hunting & staffing needs
  • Conference/Seminars Organization
  • Staff, Medical and Therapist Training
  • Professional Development for Managers
  • Curriculum Development
  • Outreach to Agencies in the US to Establish Partnerships 

Then we can help! Rami Network works with the best experts in the field from therapists, trainers, medical doctors and management executives to assist agencies and governments around the globe. Please visit our Consultants page to get to know some of them.

We at Rami Network are very proud to have a mix of highly qualified experts in the filed of human, social and medical services. Our consultants are equipped with the latest practices in their fields of expertise and are ready to share their experience to help you make an even more profound difference in the lives of people with disabilities. We are confident that we can support your efforts to improve your services or to start new initiatives. Rami Network can work with you side by side, from developing existing services to planning and starting new ones to help you achieve your goals. Our team of experts has decades of priceless knowledge working with children and adults with disabilities and consists of highly recognized physicians, therapists, special educators, psychiatrists, master trainers and high level leadership administrators. Here are some areas we can assist you with:

  • Conduct service assessments and develop action plans for improvement
  • Develop new needed services in various areas
  • Create monitoring and quality improvement systems
  • Recruit professional staff in different capacities
  • Organize professional educational conferences
  • Conduct specialized clinical training in all aspects of therapy and rehabilitation
  • Develop and create training and educational curriculums
  • Access services provided by agencies in the US and other countries
  • Develop leadership training for high level management